Why Publish with Thread?


We believe that the best publishing happens with great care, creativity and attention to detail.

That means a clear vision for an author supported by the best editing, cover design, marketing and publicity. That means doing everything well – including the details, like metadata and pricing. That means optimising over time, and promoting titles well after publication month.

We focus on quality over quantity. We publish a small number of very talented authors so that we can focus on the detail and create brilliant books that sell. We aim to add value every step of the way.



Our team of editors has years of big-publisher experience. They combine commercial know-how with rigorous editorial processes to make your books the best they can be.

Everything we do is tailored for our authors. There are no templates, no shortcuts. Your writing is unique, so to do it justice we take a unique approach to publishing it.

Our publishing is collaborative – we involve our authors in the publishing process. We listen. We’re always looking to improve, so feedback is important to us.

‘From our first meeting with Claire Bord, we were sold. Claire instilled the confidence we needed to undertake this project and the team at Bookouture were unfailing in their guidance and good humour. We are thrilled to release Cooking for Your Genes with Thread – a truly forward-thinking publisher. With their strong online digital presence and global reach we are delighted to join the family.’

Debbi Nathan and Helen Nathan

“Bookouture has done an incredible job for my fiction titles – truly a nimble, dynamic and forward-thinking publisher – so when my agent, Clare Wallace, suggested signing with Thread for our non-fiction book, I had no hesitation in entrusting Claire Bord with this very personal story. Claire has been passionate about Take My Hand and its ability to offer comfort and hope to people during their darkest times right from the start.”

Kerry Fisher
“I was already aware of Bookouture’s publications in the fiction arena and really admired their digital marketing presence and creativity in bringing titles to the market. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Claire Bord and the team in launching my 15-Minute Parenting series in the UK and internationally. Working with the team has been such a delight and I am honoured that my books are part of the new imprint’s launch.”
Joanna Fortune
“The vision for the new non-fiction imprint, Thread, convinced me that the team led by Claire Bord were the right publishers for Take My Hand. It was particularly important for me to trust the editorial team and I have felt that I am in very safe hands from the first meeting. It’s especially exciting to be part of the launch list with a book that we all think has the power to transform lives.”
Pat Sowa
“To become a part of what I believe will be a much-needed revolution in non-fiction publishing, and to experience the closer interaction with my readers that Bookouture has pioneered with such great success with its fiction authors, truly feels like a gift from heaven. I’m beyond excited to write for Thread.”
Theresa Cheung

Attention to detail on Amazon

Proven SEO techniques, regularly reviewed keywords for each title to optimise chart position

Publicist and NetGalley for every title

Strong coverage across social media, blogosphere and Amazon to encourage word of mouth and increase reviews

Paid online advertising for every title

Data-driven campaigns are expertly managed and generate great engagement to drive high sales

Highly targeted email marketing

A unique email strategy creates a large volume of sales for our authors

Day-to-day price management

Boosts sales and maximises revenue for every one of our authors


We use the best designers in the industry to create beautiful, effective and commercial covers that we know will work. Detail is very important and we do everything we can to ensure that every last detail is perfect.

Digital publishing doesn’t stop once a book is published. We’re always looking for ways to improve performance and boost sales, whether a book was published last week or last year. We make changes, we measure what works, we make smart, data-driven decisions.


We don’t pay advances, but we do pay high digital royalty rates of 45% of net receipts on sales of ebooks and audio editions.

We pay our royalties quarterly, which means that our authors have a regular income. We pay 80% of net receipts on sub-rights income, which includes translation rights.

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We aim to publish books and authors that reflect the world we live in, and to break down barriers between publishers, writers and readers. We welcome submissions from everyone – agented or otherwise – regardless of age, faith, disability, race, gender, sexuality or socio-economic background.

If you think you’ve written the next bestseller, we’d love to hear from you.

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