Think Yourself Resilient

James Elliott

Do you often feel overwhelmed with stress?

Does fear ever hold you back from your goals?

Are you constantly struggling with your self-esteem?

Do you feel like quitting when it gets tough?

James Elliott is no stranger to poor mental health. After escaping an abusive childhood, he found himself homeless at the age of 16 and quickly falling into substance abuse. When he hit rock bottom, James discovered the transformative power of resilience, and it changed his life.

Landing on his feet to serve in the British Army, he developed his own brand of mental resilience, initiating and delivering the revolutionary Mental Resilience Training programme (MRT) across the Armed Forces.  James now brings together all his years of experience as an accredited psychotherapist, resilience coach and ex-paratrooper for the first time to show you how resilience can completely transform your life too.

Imagine being in control of your emotional state and being able to deal with any obstacle life throws at you head on. Well now you can.

James’s ground-breaking and accessible model will help you develop your Five Pillars of Mental Resilience: confidence, emotional intelligence, physical health, goals, and relationships. He will show you how to:

  • Understand and manage your emotional response to any situation
  • Harness your fears and overcome insecurities to achieve your goals
  • Find strength in your vulnerabilities and reframe failure
  • Unlearn negative behavioural patterns and replace them with positive ones
  • Set boundaries and avoid toxic relationships

Packed with practical techniques, including James’s unique tried-and-tested MIND method, Think Yourself Resilient will help you tackle life’s daily challenges, overcome self-doubt, and turn surviving into thriving. Perfect for fans of Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before, Atomic Habits, and Mindset.