James Elliott

James Elliott is an accredited psychotherapist and resilience coach with over six years coaching experience, from National League Rugby teams to Special Forces Operators and vulnerable veterans. James Elliott has a wealth of knowledge in the designing, development, and delivery of mental resilience training programs.
He was selected to be an instructor in the British Army’s first ever Army Parachute Jumping Instructors platoon, where he became the second in command of the Mental Resilience Training Program (MRT) currently on offer within the military. He delivered the programme across the entirety of the British Army, including Special Forces and soldiers on testing deployments. James Elliott is no stranger to the practical application of mental resilience himself, including operational service within Afghanistan, and three Guinness World Records for feats of endurance and playing a high level of competitive rugby.
Now as a civilian, James runs training and support for vulnerable veterans, performance coaching for the Paralympic Rowing Team, mental resilience training for Scottish and Derbyshire Police, along with several keynote speaker roles, most notably at FitXpo in Liverpool. James is also completing his Master’s degree at Kings College London, to further his education in Psychiatry and War.
James has a boisterous daughter named Georgina aged 10, whom he gets to enjoy much more time with. James still enjoys playing rugby, albeit a slightly slower pace.

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