Everything I’ve Learned about Motherhood (From My Single-Parent Dad)

Zeena Moolla

‘A refreshing, laugh out loud, real talk, tonic of a book written from the heart…will be a comfort to many new parents.’ Laura Dockrill

Uplifting and inspiring’ Jo Middelton, slummysinglemummy

Motherhood is amazing and the devotion you encounter is staggeringly strong. But when you’re in the eye of the shitstorm, veering between love and lunacy, wondering how this tiny, adorable human can wreak so much bedlam in your life, I believe you need a robust sense of humour to help save your sanity.

For Zeena Moolla, the early days of being a new mum were a heady cocktail of sleepless nights, acid reflux and aching boobs. But finding the funny in the chaos buffered so much of the stress. And she has her dad to thank…

Being brought up solely by a single dad, one of a foreign, Muslim background, exemplified beautifully that parenting and families come in all different shapes and sizes. His massive-hearted parenting shaped the kind of mother Zeena is, and as the funniest person she knows, he can also turn any situation around with warmth, wit and a cheese sandwich. If that’s not a vital skill in parenting, then what is?

With top tips for surviving sleep deprivation (spoiler alert: embrace a cantankerous mood and don’t buy crap coffee) to dealing with judgy idiots, getting to grips with shitty mum-guilt and returning to work, Zeena will show you that motherhood won’t just get better, it’ll be incredible.

Laugh-out-loud funny, honest, tender and packed with real life advice – this is essential reading for every new mother not cherishing every moment, feeling like a misfit or simply finding this parenting lark all too much.

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I honestly wish I had gotten my hands on this book when I was first pregnant with my daughter. This would have gotten me through my pregnancy and my first year with her with a sense of ease that I definitely didn’t feel…packed with hilarity on every pagethe kind of advice I would have loved hearing… an excellent book… I think I love her dadReading his experience as a single father to three kids was inspiring.’ Goodreads reviewer

‘I honestly couldn’t think of a better introduction to this delicate topic than this raw, funny and brutally honest story of two parents who had it rough in their own way…worth every second of your time.’ Goodreads reviewer

I really felt like a family friend reading thisVery funny and perfect for Mums!’ NetGalley reviewer

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