Gail Muller

Gail Muller is an adventurer, writer and educator from Cornwall, UK. Her personal story is one of hope overcoming adversity; managing chronic pain and illness in order to achieve hard and inspiring things. This message of tenacious, hopeful overcoming is riven through her writing, and in the work she does with adults and young people.

In her teens she was predicted by doctors to be in a wheelchair by the age of 40, and subsequently dealt with 12+ years of crippling chronic pain from her 20’s onwards. After battling with traditional western medicine, opiates, and no answers she then searched the world for a solution, eventually finding a way to resolve most of this pain and recover enough to live a more than full life. In 2019, once rehabbed, Gail hiked 2,200 miles solo and southbound on the Appalachian Trail – down the East coast of the USA through mostly mountains and forests with just a single pack. It took 7 months in total, and she completed the last 850 miles with two broken bones in her foot – a feat of true strength and resilience.

Gail continues to push her own limits and take on long-distance expeditions, learning new skills all the time. She also uses her 18+ years of experience at the top of her game in education as a teacher, leader and advisor to help share the skills and knowledge she has acquired. Helping people to achieve more than they believe they can has always been Gail’s passion. In her writing and motivational talks she speaks about making friends with life-limiting barriers such as physical or mental illness, showing how everyone can realistically manage adversity by embracing it rather than fighting it. Gail is a passionate advocate for the power of the outdoors, and believes that being in nature can deliver powerful lessons that enhance our lives in every way.

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