A new chilling true crime book from New York Times bestselling author Gregg Olsen is coming…

Gregg Olsen’s Starvation Heights, the chilling true story of the doctor who starved her patients to death to be published by Thread on 19th January 2023.

From the New York Times bestselling author of If You Tell, Gregg Olsen, Starvation Heights is a fascinating and shocking account of the female serial killer, Linda Hazzard, dubbed the ‘Starvation Doctor’ and has already been optioned for film by screen writer and actor Tracy Letts (The Woman in the WindowKiller Joe). The deal for UK print and ebook rights along with World All Language rights for audio, and translation rights for all formats was handledby Susan Raihofer of the David Black Literary Agency.  

Olsen said:

‘What I find so intriguing — and readers do too — is the unyeilding power Dr. Hazzard held over her desperate and unwitting patients. In the annals of crime, there’s no one like her. Her personal charisma lured victims into a wellness program from which there was truly no escape. She’s a villain for the ages. I’m excited for Thread to bring this unbelievable true story to new readers all over the world.’

Bord commented:

‘In the opening pages of Starvation Heights, a group of boy scouts stumble across the dilapidated site of Doctor Linda Hazzard’s sanatorium in America’s Pacific Northwest. It’s a chilling scene that conjures up the horrors that took place there years ago and had me absolutely hooked. Gregg is a master storyteller with forensic attention to detail and an eye for bringing the most extraordinary crime cases to life. We’re incredibly excited to be publishing Starvation Heights at Thread.’

Starvation Heights will be published on 19th January 2023 in ebook, audio, and paperback.

Starvation Heights

Gregg Olsen

Published: 19 January 2023

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