Since the clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing in, I am going to give some rousing motivation about why autumn/fall is the best season, no matter what anyone says.

  • Yes, sometimes it rains or storms or even hails. But on the best autumn days, you get such amazing fresh air and crisp bright light that it makes you glad to be out in it.
  • Beautiful colours on the trees, piles of leaves to kick through, and conkers, which also ward off spiders.
  • Lovely warming food that feels wrong to eat in summer: stews, soups, baked potatoes, sticky toffee pudding.
  • Connected to the above, a sudden drop in body consciousness. Who cares about fake tans or being beach body ready. Give me woolly tights, jumpers and big coats any day.
  • Shutting the curtains when it gets dark and curling up on the sofa under a blanket.
  • Having an excuse to sleep longer and go out less. You’re not lazy, you’re hibernating.
  • The only festival is Halloween, which is either lots of fun if you’re into it, or completely ignorable if you’re not. No pressure!
  • Fat bear week.