Thread to Publish Memoir by debut author Florence Olajide

Publisher Claire Bord has signed World All Language rights in a powerful memoir, Coconut, by debut author Florence Olajide.

Florence Ọlájídé is one of a generation of Nigerian children born in Britain in the fifties and sixties who were privately fostered by white families, then taken to Nigeria by their parents. Coconut is the powerful memoir of her experience.

Claire said:

‘As soon as I started reading Florence’s memoir I was immediately swept up in her writing. Her story is deeply personal and shines a light on a piece of British history that needs to be told. Florence’s story is heartbreaking. It’s one of loss and loneliness, surviving poverty, maltreatment and fighting to get an education. But most of all, it’s an incredibly uplifting and inspiring account of one woman’s self-determination to discover who she is and find her way to a place she can call home.’

Florence commented:

‘I am thrilled to be publishing my memoir with Thread. It’s been several years in the making and shows that with determination and a helping hand or two along the way, adversity need not be an impediment to success.

From my first contact with the Thread team, I felt the stirrings of a wonderful partnership in the making. I recognised Claire’s empathy and affinity for my life-story in her first email and felt confident trusting it to her. Already, the team’s support and encouragement have been immense. I particularly appreciate how they are actively seeking to level the playing field by giving authors from underrepresented backgrounds a platform and a voice.’

Coconut by Florence Olajide will be published in ebook, audio and paperback in May 2021.


Florence Ọlájídé

Published: 13 July 2021

‘Why am I not white?’ Nan came and sat on the edge of my bed. A tender finger brushed against my cheek. ‘Everyone in this house is white. Why am I Black?’