Thread to publish a stunning memoir of a family's search for home by Alexis Keir

Nina Winters has acquired World rights for a tender and beautifully written memoir by debut author Alexis Keir, a participant in the 2019 London Writers Award Programme run by Spread the Word. Islands takes us into the beating heart of a Black British family and their journeys between Saint Vincent, the UK and beyond, in search of home. Alexis ties the history of his family and others between these islands together, finding a thread of love, loss and search for belonging that connects them across generations.

Alexis grew up in Luton, a town with a strong presence and history of migrant communities. He spent a year in the Caribbean as a child and returns there regularly. His experiences living in New Zealand, including encounters with Māori communities, inspired him to explore the stories of his own family more deeply. His non-fiction essays have been published by The Selkie and the Caribbean Writer.

Nina Winters said:

‘This proposal pierced my heart when I read it. Alexis is an immensely talented writer, and his work is incredibly evocative and intimate. It took my breath away. He has the ability to transport you to the windswept islands of the Caribbean, the wet streets of London and beyond, sketching an intimate portrait of the people in his life filled with joy, discovery, grief and longing. His work speaks so much to our sense of identity and our need for belonging, and I have no doubt this book will find a huge audience.’

Alexis Keir said:

‘I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to share stories of proud, lyrical, defiant Vincentians who began their journeys before I was born. Their struggle and resilience paved and shaped the way for me and my generation to be heard, right here, right now.’

Nina Winters acquired World rights directly from the author and will publish in eBook, audio and print in August 2022.