Have you ever felt like the world was on your shoulders? That trying to be a single mother is the hardest challenge of all? From one mother to another, Sarah Thompson offers her expert advice in her myth-busting manifesto Happy Single Mother. As she dives deep into her own experience of divorce and being a lone parent, her collection offers an insight and hope to those experiencing something similar.

Being a single mother wasn’t a part of Sarah’s plan. It rarely is. She never thought such a drastic change to her life would be exactly what she needed. Even during the exhaustingly lonely days, she pushed through, reminding herself that this was the right decision for her. But Sarah knew it would all be worth it. This choice of being a single-parent was, in fact, rather empowering and joyful in more ways than she could have possibly imagined. She was liberated and was finally able to be the authentic mother she was destined to be.

Offering a fresh perspective and practical advice as though from a best friend over a coffee, Happy Single Mother is the perfect book for anyone who has ever felt the weight of disappointment and guilt at their single-parent status. It is a celebration of solo parenting and all that comes with taking on one of the greatest yet hardest roles a person can have.

Read the exclusive excerpt for an insight into the trials and tribulations of becoming a happy single mother, and how the experience might be a parent’s greatest superpower.

Happy Single Mother book lying flat on white bedding next to yellow baby grow

Happy Single Mother

Sarah Thompson

Published: 03 March 2022

Why are single mothers still portrayed as one-dimensional hot messes? Why do holidays still somehow cost the same for single parents as those travelling with partners? Why are we constantly told that children of single parents will be damaged for life? In this myth-busting manifesto, Sarah Thompson shares her own experience of single motherhood, along with a range of case studies and new research to show you all the reasons why being a single parent is great and should be celebrated.

Sarah Thompson