The Equal Parent

Paul Morgan-Bentley

A myth-busting must-read about creating parenting equality for fans of Caitlin Moran, The Danish Way of Parenting and The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read.

  • Why do mothers wake first when their baby cries at night?
  • Why do fathers take so little time off work to bond with their newborn babies?
  • Why are mothers never praised for being ‘hands on’?
  • Is there a biological difference in mothers’ and fathers’ parenting instincts?
  • Why do nurseries and schools often call mothers first when there is a problem?
  • Why don’t we expect fathers to have a more active role in caring for their children?

As a new father and Head of Investigations at The Times, Paul Morgan-Bentley found himself lying awake in bed one night after settling his three-month-old back to sleep. With all these questions buzzing in his mind, he decided to go a mission to answer them.

Drawing on his own personal experience of fatherhood – from the utter joy and terror Paul and his husband felt caring for their newborn son, to the chemist who calls Paul ‘MummyDaddy’ and the juggle of nursery pick-ups with work deadlines, Paul delves into what it really means to share the parental load.

With a range of case studies, research from around the world, and conversations with leading scientists, The Equal Parent explores the truths behind the falsehoods about parenting roles – and why challenging these myths to achieve parenting equality will benefit all of us: mothers, fathers and, most importantly, our children.