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The Sensitivity Code

Claire Bord has acquired World All Language rights to three personal growth books by Theresa Cheung from Jane Graham Maw at the Graham Maw Christie Agency.

Sunday Times bestselling author Theresa Cheung joins the launch line up at Thread with The Sensitivity Code: Life strategies for thriving in an overwhelming world.  Based on strategies proven to be effective by scientists and psychologists, combined with her own research including real stories, Theresa Cheung will show people how to unlock the potential of their sensitivity. She’ll guide them through the steps that will transform the challenges of being a gentle person into a strength and shine a light on how traits such as empathy, intuition, creativity and compassion have the power to unite us.  The Sensitivity Code is a vital resource for the highly sensitive, anyone who has gone through sensitive times or simply longed for the world to be a little kinder. A second book, 100 Ways to be Kind, will be released later this year with the third book scheduled for 2021.

Claire said,

‘Theresa’s meticulous research which blends scientific studies, her own experience and real stories, debunks the myth of what it means to be sensitive. We are living in times where celebrating the strength in showing compassion, empathy and kindness has never been more necessary. In The Sensitivity Code, Theresa is not just empowering every person who has ever felt ashamed of their sensitivity to truly embrace it – she guides us through how we can embrace change and learn to thrive in a world that is often so overwhelming.’

Theresa said,

‘To become a part of what I believe will be a much-needed revolution in non-fiction publishing, and to experience the closer interaction with my readers that Bookouture has pioneered with such great success with its fiction authors, truly feels like a gift from heaven. I’m beyond excited to write for the new non-fiction imprint.’ 

The Sensitivity Code will be published in ebook, paperback and audio on 15th May 2020.

The Sensitivity Code

Theresa Cheung
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